One way out


They’re saying she jumped

Lord knows i felt her pain

The hurt she had faced

Time and again.


The way that they talked

That’s what hurt her the most

No wonder she leapt

She kept her feelings closed.


I should’ve spoke out

We were around the same age

The sad fact is, it shouldn’t have

gotten to this stage!


To lock yourself away

That is no way to live

They say that she jumped

And they’re right, i did!


In the end


In the end,

Is it even over?

Or something else entirely?

Is Heaven still peace?

Earth still round?

Is Hell still red and fiery?

Does Love mean more?

Or Hate mean less?

Are there more lessons to learn?

Does the grass still grow?

Stars still shine?

Does the sun continue to burn?

Do you see my point?

Can you understand?

This message i’m trying to give?

If nobody knows

You may as well wing it

Just have fun

Enjoy the life you live.

Accept what you must

Change what you can

Don’t sit there with 99 stresses!

Don’t bother asking

Just go with the flow

Cos we’re all just taking wild guesses!


In the land of my dreams 

Nothing is ever as it seems 

It feels like forgotten memories 

Of a world far away 
Anything is possible 

All strange things plausible 

I love the wonder of it all 

This world far away 
From the beauty beyond the rainbow

To the monsters from down below 

Still i truly long to go 

To the world far away 
The place where time doesn’t fly 

The place where the sea meets the sky 

The place where i always have to say goodbye 

That world too far away 

Done for! Us vs Them



It’s a code red! category 9 emergency,
Its a real bad time to try and disagree,
With world leaders stomping on bottom feeders,
causing reasons for treason, causing catastrophes.

The little man, has no chance, to make a stand for change,
Got a message but the signal is way out of range.

Millions of civilians speak
the governments are weak
giving fake ass speeches
to win headline of the week.

Now the fat-cat’s out of the bag
Gags lifted and sold to the daily rag     So they backtrack from the flack by throwing money from their gucci manbags

While the poor man’s still hanging out dry
wondering why he can’t get by with no end in sight
Top dogs catch their mile-high flights, while the mongrels catch the low-life lice.

It’s a sad sad state of affairs, the cupboards are bare, old Mrs Hubbard can’t survive on welfare,
No one will hire, situation is dire,
The debt, bills, utilities are always getting higher.

So come what may, the storm we shall weather
we’ll have our day, and they’ll have theirs but who will fair better?

Only the powers that be will eventually tell
Who will be laughing in heaven
And who will be crying in hell.

Lighthouse queen 

This poem is open to interpretation,

A single lighthouse paves the way for many a stranded sailor
If she ever dared to stop
she would be deemed a failure
Many a night she used her energy
Often leaving her feeling drained
Even though it burned her out
She never once complained
She accepted her lonely position
A protector from the rocky banks
As stormy waters stirred wildly beneath
The sailors never gave their thanks
And still she stands there selfless
High above the crashing waves
Unloved, and a little beaten but
grateful for the lives she saves.

Complicated me

I‘m always tired but I can’t sleep

I know I make promises I can’t keep
There’s a circus inside my brain
But the voices tell me I’m sane

I’m the most honest liar you’ll meet
Head to the ground, clouds at my feet
I want love but I cause so much friction
I’m just a fucked up contradiction

I long for a loving, tender kiss
But I’m not the type to take risks
Too scared to walk out on stage
Quite happy to sit in my cage

Writer of dreams, I play pretend
Not that I’m lonely, I have a few friends
What they see isn’t what they get
The real me, even I haven’t met. 

Midnight quiet

Sitting here alone and that’s ok with me

Listening to the sound of the midnight quiet

I’m not being cold and I’m not even that old
But still I appreciate the midnight quiet

A little bit of rain and the roads are empty
Enjoying the sound of the midnight quiet

Still a bit warm, the stars look so pretty
Staring at the night sky and the midnight quiet

laying here thinking, chilling, reminiscing
Trying to work out my life in the midnight quiet

I’m feeling so content as the world falls asleep
Blissful dreams and memories of the midnight quiet.